The DPA d:vice™ MMA-A Digital Audio Interface for iPhone, Mac & PC is a high-quality, dual-channel microphone preamplifier and A/D converter. The DPA d:vice™ captures crystal-clear audio using compatible recording / broadcasting apps and can be used with all DPA microphones with a MicroDot connector.

This flexibility allows any content creator to use the equipment for unexpected situations that might arise during the day. Whether it be a two-channel interview situation or a session of stereo recording ambient sound, the d:vice™ makes it easier for you to do your job and capture exceptional audio every time.

Use the DPA d:vice™ App available for download from the App store on your iPhone or iPad to control the mic and interface parameters.

  • Crystal clear mic pre technology and outstanding audio conversion quality – 24bit/96kHz
  • iOS App to adjust gain, panning, low-cut filter and more
  • Works in tandem with your favourite recording app
  • <100mA power consumption means 6 -7 hours of audio capture on new iPhone 6 or 7
  • Lightning connector and USB cables included

The DPA d:vice™ is available on its own (VIMMA-A) or in five different kits: the d:vice™ Lavalier Kit, Headset Kit, Double Lavalier Kit, Lavalier Combo Kit and In-Ear Headset Kit.