Aphex IN2 Audio Interface

Aphex IN2 Audio Interface available from Kazbar Systems

Aphex is a well established manufacturer of professional audio equipment having designed and manufactured many products becoming stndard essentials in any studio rack.

So an audio interface from Aphex is well overdue and at the NAMM Show, Aphex announced the compact IN2.

Simplicity is a major factor with the IN2 with all features accessible via buttons on the top panel. The IN2 also includes two phantom powered Aphex Class A Mic Preamps and two add dynamics to your recordings, two Aphex Optical Compressor are on-board too along with MIDI connections

Here’s a summary of the IN2’s features:

-Two Aphex Class A microphone preamps

-Multi Coloured LEDS to show input level & peak

-Two Aphex optical compressors with LED indicators

-High performance headphone amplifier

-Front panel 1/4″ headphone output

-24-bit/192Hz A/D-D/A

-Front Panel Instrument Inputs

-Balanced TRS outputs

-Output level knob inc Dim & Mono buttons

-S/PDIF Coaxial Output


Microphone X USB Microphone

Aphex Microphone X USB Microphone available from Kazbar Systems

Microphone X is a USB Microphone with a difference. It features an onboard Opto Compressor and the Aphex Aural Exctiter perfect for processing your recording before the A-D conversion.

Main features:

-Aphex Preamp

-Upto 24-bit/96kHz recording resolution

-Aural Exciter

-Opto Compressor

-USB Connection

Project Channel

Aphex Project Channel available from Kazbar Systems

Ease of use again is the principal with the Aphex Project Channel. The front panel includes a one knob Opto Compressor with a simple single control for the compression Ratio.

Other features include a Aural Exciter for bringing your recording up to the front, Big Bottom for boosting the low end frequencies and an SPDIF digital output.

Summary of features:

-Class A Premp

-Optical Compressor

-Big Bottom

-Aural Exciter

-Digital Output

USB 500 Rack

Aphex USB 500 Lunchbox Audio Interface available from Kazbar Systems

The USB 500 Rack bridges the gap between the traditionally analog 500 Series workflows and modern DAW workflows by providing a solution for the customer to use 500 Series modules directly with their DAW. Use your favorite mic preamps as inputs directly to your DAW or use your favorite analog compressors & EQs as hardware inserts in your DAW. All while monitoring though the pristine monitor section of the USB 500 Rack, that includes Mono and Dim functions along with two high performance, independent headphone amplifiers.

For even more flexibility, modules can be chained in the analog domain for channel strip operation or linked for stereo compression (see your modules’ linking documentation).

  • 6 x 8 Computer Audio Interface @ up to 96k.
    • Input to computer from 4 modules and stereo S/PDIF
    • Output from computer to 4 modules, stereo analog and stereo S/PDIF
  • Functions as a standard 500 Series rack
  • Modules can be configured in series
  • Empty slots can be used as line inputs to the computer (or hardwire bypass of an installed module)
  • Two headphone outputs (HeadPod 4 technology)
  • Volume, Mono and Dim for stereo analog output
  • MIDI I/O
  • 220mA of power per slot available when evenly distributed

Here’s a video live from the NAMM Show summarizing the new Aphex products:

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