Presonus Studio Live 32.4.2AI

Studio Live 32.4.2AI availeble from Kazbar Systems

Since the release of the first Studio Live consoles, the range has gained a reputation for solid, ease of use, flexible routing, great sounding and great value for money too.

Presonus are about to build on that history by releasing the Presonus Studio Live 32.4.2 AI which features the very latest technology behind Presonus’s Active Intergration.

Features to expect from the new 32 Channel Studio Live will include 32 Channels of HQ Class A XMAX mic preamps, 14 Aux Mixes, 4 Sub Groups with variable output delay, FAT Channel dynamics processing and parametric EQ, a 48×34 S800 FireWire audio interface, 64 times the processing power of the previous Studio Live consoles and much more.

Another highlight and first for the Studio Live unique to the 32.4.2AI is Ethernet integration which allows you to connect to an existing router-based network with an Ethernet cable or completely wirelessly.

Also included is USB2.0 connection to host the included USB Wi-Fi LAN Adapter for situations where a ad hoc, less powerful W-Fi network is sufficient.

Using either Wireless connection, the mixer can be controlled from an i-Phone or i-Pod touch.

Check out this demonstration from Presnus live from the NAMM Show

Price to be confirmed.

Eris Series 5 & 8 Studio Monitors

Presonus Eris Speakers available from Kazbar Systems

Also at the NAMM Show, Presonus have announced the Eris 5 & 8 Active Studio Monitor Speakers.

The Eris 8 features an 8″, Kevlar low-frequency transducer driven by a 75-watt Class AB power amplifier and a 1.25″ silk-dome tweeter with a 65-watt Class AB amplifier.

The Eris 8 can deliver up to 105dB SPL peak volume.

The Eris 5 includes a 5.25″, Kevlar low-frequency transducer driven by a 45-watt Class AB power amplifier and a 1″ silk-dome tweeter with a 35-watt Class AB amplifier. The Eris 5 can deliver up to 102dB SPL peak volume.

Both the Eris 5&8 feature Balanced TRS and XLR Inputs along with an Unbalanced input too.

The speakers can also be adjusted to the users acoustic environment in the studio allowing for further accuracy in the mixing or to simulate other recording environments.

The Eris 5&8 are expected to be available around April 2013, price to be confirmed.

Sceptre S8 & S6 DSP Digital Studio Reference Speakers

Presonus Sceptre Monitor Speakers available from Kazbar Systems

Also just released at the NAMM Show from Presonus are the Sceptre Range,the models S8 & S6 DSP Active Monitor Speakers.

Featuring a coaxial design that works with a 32-bit, 96kHz, dual-core processor using Fulcrum Acoustic’s TQ (Temperal Equalization), Sceptres promise accurate and advanced studio monitoring.

The Sceptre S8&S6 are expected to be available in the first quarter of 2013.

Presonus available from:

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