Moog Ladder 500 Series Module available from Kazbar Systems

A premium version of Bob Moog’s classic 1969 Moog Modular Transistor-Ladder Filter, “The Ladder” is in fact much improved, and ready for professional audio processing applications. A high-pass mode, drive stage, variable 2 and 4 pole modes, and envelope follower with separate controls for attack and decay are all present, and allow for The Ladder to perform a great many functions beyond just traditional filtering.

The Ladder provides a host of controls for dynamic filtering, sweetening, sculpting and drive, and is exclusively available for the popular API 500 Lunchbox format. It can be used as a mix tool – enhancing or cutting high and low frequencies, but can do much more:

It can also be used as an analogue drive unit, or to de-ess vocals; it excels at smoothing overly bright acoustic guitar, or can be used to add body to snare drums, and in the example on the video below, as a dynamic filter has the remarkably useful ability to gate problem frequencies out, leaving the desired instrument to reveal itself only when audible.

Beyond extra controls, improved circuitry reduces noise floor and increases dynamic range. Also, balanced connectors are provided courtesy of host chassis.

In addition, two units can be stereo linked internally with included wire. In all, The Ladder is suited to full-bandwidth professional audio

Moog available from:

Kazbar Systems Pro Audio Sales