As you might have figured out by now we are serious synthesizer fans here, we’ve been slowly growing our synth section of our website and we’ve been reaching out to companies to begin to bring you the best synths available, to that end we are absolutely delighted and incredibly proud to bring you the Modulus 002.…

The Modulus 002 is a Premium 12-Voice Hybrid Polysynth that features an extensive selection of unique innovations that brings the Analogue and Digital synthesis domains together in one incredibly powerful instrument.

002 delivers modern control and modern conveniences whilst providing a lush and opulent sound you expect from an analogue synthesizer, it features internet connectivity for cloud storage, software updates and also has the ability share sounds, sequences and settings with other Modulus.002 users online.

The 002 represents a huge landmark in Synthesizer development and it needs to be seen and heard to be believed; it is high quality from the ground up, each component has been carefully hand selected and has been implemented perfectly to create truly inspirational instrument, with a premium sound quality and incredibly high-quality build and finish, if you are interested in having a listen and a demo of 002, please get in touch.