Modal Electronics
have been working hard to bring a new update to all Modal 002 and 002R owners. OS v0.09-46 can be downloaded now by connecting your 002 / 002R to the network, features and bug fixes found below. 
To check out what the Modal 002 offers, find out here.


    Main improvements and new features:

  • MIDI Input and Output settings: this include a ‘filter’ with 5 categories of MIDI messages (Notes, CCs, Aftertouch, Pitch Bend and Clock), which can be individually enabled or disabled both In and Out. Also, MIDI In Settings now include an incoming Pitch Bend range amount in semitones.
  • Web UI Animator and Settings pages
  • If a new update is available, the user now gets the choice to download it now or not.
  • Pitch bend messages and CCs coming from the joystick are now sent out of the MIDI-out as raw/unscaled control values (002 only)
  • The ‘Local MIDI’ option is disabled on the 002R


    Main bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the synth was jumping to bank 99 after an update
  • MIDI-in bug fixes:
  •             Active sensing messages (and other messages we don’t want to process) and now being completely ignored
  •             MIDI-in can now handle one-byte MIDI messages being sent within voice MIDI messages (e.g. note messages) without discarding the voice MIDI message
  • Fixed the issue where when local MIDI is off, an external source could not trigger the arpeggiator at all
  • Web UI seq page is always up to date when navigated to and from
  • Fixed potential crash on Web UI when loading patch from bank other than one displayed on patch page
  • Fixed an issue where in performance mode the keyboard would send multiple notes to the MIDI-out per key press if multiple parts were layered. Now it just sends a single note relating to the key pressed, using the channel set within the performance channel options.