James F Reynolds Studio Speaker Upgrade from Kazbar Systems

Mix engineer/Producer James F Reynolds has been keeping on top of the latest speaker developments of late and has now upgraded his studio speaker setup for 2018..

James’s latest monitor array (from outside inwards) consists of a pair of PSI A25M. These act as James’s main reference monitors and are sitting on a pair of Unity Audio Monolith Triple Leg speaker stands.

Next inside are the excellent Kii Three‘s. The Kii’s offer a truly excellent level of detail with volume too when required offering 1500 watts per speaker across six drivers. These speakers are connected digitally.

Next inline are the newly released Unity Audio Mini-Rock. These speakers offer an excellent frequency response and performance especially for their size and offer a great mix alternative reference between the PSI’s, and Kii’s.

Lastly the legendary Avantone Active Mix Cubes to provide a tone of how a mix would sound on a traditional radio speaker.

The above speaker setup is truly outstanding but all engineers and producers have their own opinions and preferences when it comes to preferential speakers. Most speakers will perform slightly differently between rooms and this will be a deciding factor in a final choice. 

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