With over 20 years’ experience in the music industry, professional mix engineer Larry Fricke finished building Mix-Box Studios in 2011 and has since developed a well-founded love for sE Electronics microphones, with the RN17, RNR1 and the Voodoo VR2 in near-permanent use at his studio.

He is well known in Germany and internationally for his mixing and mastering skills, having plied his trade with artists including Goldfish Syndrome (Ireland), Markus Vollmer (Germany), Lion Tree (Israel) and James Greer (USA). Larry is also currently working with Lion Tree on their debut album “Motions” and they have published two pre-release videos live at Mix-Box studios using sE mics.

Here is one of them showing the SE Mics in session and an amazing song too:

Fricke, who’s father was a musician (and the reason he got into music at the age of 11), started singing in bands when he was 17 and after he recorded his own band’s first EP, decided that he was “meant to be behind the desk, not on the stage”. He went on to gain experience recording and mixing for local artists and bands and had his first break-through working with German band Freitag, when they won MTV Germany’s Newcomer award in the early-2000s, giving him the push he needed to focus his energy on mixing and mastering.

On building his studio, Larry says, “Mix-Box took a long time to complete. I started building the studio in 2007 and finished in 2011, when I felt that I was pretty much ‘there’ with the space and equipment. When I was handed a pair of sE RN17 mics by a friend and tried them out, that changed my mind. I had to have them.”

SE Electronics RNR1 Ribbon Microphone available from Kazbar Systems

Larry also uses (and “loves”) the sE Rupert Neve RNR1 as well as the Voodoo VR1 and VR2 ribbon microphones. These have been the staple mics used on another of his current projects – he is heavily involved with German indie band UnterTagen, currently producing, recording and mixing their new album due for release in April 2014.

SE Electronics RN17 Microphone available from Kazbar Systems

He carries on, “I was actually not searching for new mics, but when I tested the RN17, I was blown away! After more than 20 years in the recording business, that happens to me very rarely, nowadays. The RN17s work great on any source I try them on, even on vocals. Unlike other small diaphragm mics, they have an unbelievable low end and smooth, open sounding character. My new favourites.”

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