Minimoog Model D Synthesizer available from Kazbar Systems

On Wednesday July 19th 2016, forty-six years after it was first released, Moog Music Inc has officially announced that arguably the most important synthesizer of all time, the Minimoog Model D, will be put back into production.

This run of Minimoog Model D synthesizers is as authentic a recreation as they are able to make. They will be handcrafted just as the Minimoog Model D’s produced from 1970-1981.

They have had an American semi-conductor company remake the TIS97, TIS93, and TIS92 transistors to exact specs so that the filters and VCAs retain their original properties and characteristics.

The intrinsic sound engine and overall form factor are maintained, however a handful of new features have been added.

Here’s an excellent article outlining the history and importance of the Minimoog Model D: Click Here

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