API Tranzformer Guitar Pedals available from Kazbar Systems

API Audio have recently announced a new range: the TranZformer pedals. Made with discrete analogue circuitry to the same exacting standards as all API products, they allow guitar and bass players access to classic analogue API compression, EQ and drive tone – built on the legendary recording heritage of API – in a simple, convenient ‘one-box’ product. Simply plug in and record.

The two TranZformer pedals are identical save for frequency band choices in the EQ settings to suit either guitar or bass. More below.

The TranZformers are a simple, one-box solution for imparting classic API tone into recordings. In one package, they give the customer API EQ, Compression and Drive tone, and are compatible with line-level sources and destinations as well as instruments. They will appeal to:

  • Any customer who has previously bought high-end guitars or guitar effects, or craves the highest-quality recording path.
  • Customers who have previously enquired after API Lunchbox systems.
  • Customers who have enquired after high-end Channel Strips.
  • Recording engineers looking for new ways to capture a higher-quality input signal.

The TranZformer range feature:

  • Traditional fully discrete API circuit design, using classic API components including 2520 op-amps.
  • Variable API 535-based Compressor with in/out switching
  • 3-Band +/- 15dB Equalizer based on API 533 unit, with in/out switching – TranZformer GT optimised for guitar, LX optimised for bass.
  • Input Gain control with +30dB of gain
  • Clip LED indicating Input or Output overloading
  • Balanced and Unbalanced Output Phase reverse
  • Balanced Output Ground lift
  • Included 18 volt external power supply optimizes performance

The TranZformer GT and LX are a multifunction pedals designed to easily and affordably bring the world-famous analog sound of API to your guitar or bass respectively. Offering the user an unsurpassed level of sonic control, the TranZformer range combine an API 525 feedback-type compressor with a guitar (GT) or bass (LX) optimised 3 band equalizer, both independently in/out switchable. The unique inductor-based EQ/Tone section is designed after an API 553 EQ.

The TranZformer GT & LX use traditional fully-discrete API circuit designs incorporating both 2510 and 2520 opamps. The outputs use API’s proprietary transformer to give the pedal that classic API sound and provide robust, high-quality electrical isolation.

The TranZformer GT & LX pedal’s unbalanced input is designed to be fed directly from a guitar or the output of another guitar pedal. However, with the input gain control fully counterclockwise, the maximum input level before clipping is +13dBu (unbalanced) – allowing for line-level usage.

The unit also features phase invert switches on each output, ground lift, clip indicator and transformer output. Like all API products, the TranZformer range is built to API’s exacting standards and remains true to the design philosophy that has made API the leader in professional analog gear for nearly 50 years.

ETA: January 2017 – Price: TBC