Wag Marshall-Page (one half of media group Banks & Wag whose credits include The X Factor, Blue Peter, National Lottery Awards, ITV Sport, CBeebies and Mr Tumble amongst many others) has been upgrading his South East London based studio with Kazbar Systems.

Installed in phases, first part of Wag’s upgrade was to invest in a new audio interface. The Universal Audio Apollo 16 was the preferred option due to it’s excellent zero latency on-board DSP effects plus excellent ADDA conversion. To make best use of those excellent outputs plus add further definition to the mix, Wag added a Neve 8816 Summing Mixer.

Also part of this initial upgrade was a Universal Audio 4-710D 4 Channel Mic Preamp with it’s unique Solid State and Tube tone blending capabilities on every channel.

           Wag Marshall-Page Studio Upgrade from Kazbar Systems     

After investing in a quality audio interface, preamp and summing mixer, you want to be able to make the best use of the sound of that excellent hardware so the logical next step is to invest in monitor speakers which will bring out the best in the hardware plus offer true representation to your mixes.

After auditioning, Wag settled on the Focal Solo 6BE Active Studio Monitor Speakers with IsoAcoustic L8R 200 Isolating Speaker Stands and also a pair of Avantone Mix Cubes Active as an alternative mix reference.

     Wag Marshall-Page Studio Upgrade from Kazbar Systems

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