Wag Marshall-Page Studio Upgrade from Kazbar Systems

Wag Marshall-Page, one part of the composer group Banks & Wag and also part of the massively successful band Infadels has recently taken time out of his busy work schedule to upgrade his South London based studio once again.

Previously Wag upgraded his monitor speakers by choosing the Focal Solo 6BE’s, his audio interface by opting for the Universal Audio Apollo 16, Wag also added a Neve 8816 Summing Mixer and Universal Audio 4710D 4 Channel Twin Finity Preamp.

Universal Audio 4-710D available from Kazbar Systems

With this upgrade Wag needed to update the core of his studio. This involved investing in a new, top speck iMac 27” 5K Retina. Many studios now opt for an iMac option instead of the traditional Mac Pro option due to the processor power iMacs now have along with the large amount of RAM available along with storage too. iMacs also have great connectivity allowing them to connect to any audio hardware.

Wags preferred DAW is Avid Pro Tools. Wag previously used Pro Tools 12 but has now upgraded to Pro Tools 2018 for compatibility with the new iMac, Wag also uses the Avid Artist Mix as his hardware controller.

Lastly, Wag finds the Universal Audio UAD plugins highly useful within the mix and has added two UAD-2 Satellite Octo Thunderbolt processors to work alongside the interal DSP power of the Universal Audio Apollo 16.

Kazbar Systems technicians provided the complete installation and configuration of Wag’s new iMac recording system.

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