Max Dingel whose credits include The KillersWhite LiesGoldfrapp and Heathers contacted Kazbar System to arrange auditions of the latest monitor speakers by AdamFocal, Neumann and PSI.

Max likes working at London’s famous RAK Studios with engineer Isabel Seeliger-Morley where he recently produced James’ acclaimed album “La Petit Mort.”

With it’s vast selection of vintage recording equipment and experienced team of helpful engineers RAK Studios is a first choice for bands and producers alike.

Max explains how he came to his preferred speaker choice:

“I picked the Neumann KH-310’s after careful consideration as they sounded very unflattering, almost boring – which is exactly what I wanted from a monitor speaker! They have a lot of headroom and a very detailed bottom end response which is amazing considering their compact size.

I have been recording in Studio 3 and mixing in Studio 4 at RAK quite a lot over the last year or so and as both control rooms sound quite different from each other it was important for me to find a speaker which could work in any room. Since I take my speakers with me to to other studios as well the KH-310’s many options to adjust their response make it much easier for me to adjust to a new listening environment.