Maselec MTC-1 Mastering Console available from Kazbar Systems

Maselecis a company synonymous with the manufacture of high end audio audio processing units From stereo precision EQ’s and Compressors to Surround Routing unit’s, Maselec is one of the most respected names in any mastering studio.

Maselec have recently released the MTC-1 Master Transfer Console, a mastering tool which allows an engineer to attach multiple dynamic processors on up to six selectable inserts from two sources with other onboard functions such as Stereo Width and an Elliptical Filter. The Elliptical Filter is a throw back from the vinyl record mastering days and sums LF signals below the the cutoff frequency, variable in 20 steps from 40Hz to 360Hz.

Prism MEA-2 Stereo Precision EQ available from Kazbar Systems

Maselec have also partnered with Prism Sound on three of their products, the MEA-2 Stereo EQ, the MLA-2 Stereo Compressor and the MMA-4XR 4 Channel Mic PreAmp.

Here is a video showing the Masterlabs studio. How modern mastering blends precision outboard such as the ME-A2 with digital hardware such as TC Electronic’s System 600 with traditional Vinyl Cutting too.

Maselec available from:

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