Kazbar Systems supply Toolroom Records with Focal SM9 Active Monitor Speakers

Dance music DJ and producer Mark Knight purchased his first pair of Focal active studio monitor speakers the Twin 6BE‘s with the Focal CMS Sub over a year ago after being recommended to them by both Kazbar Systems and various producers and engineers.

A year on, the draw of the recently released Focal SM9‘s became too much after hearing so much from the press and fellow producers, Mark took the plunge and contacted Kazbar Systems to arrange a demo in his recently refitted studio.

To say Mark was impressed was an understatement with his first mix translating perfectly outside of his studio.

Mark especially loves the ‘2-way’ mode which cuts the signal to the bass drivers and allows for an alternative listing mode, so much that he is rarely using his beloved NS10‘s now!

Kazbar Systems supply DJ Mark Knight with Focal SM9 Active Monitor Speakers

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