Want to check out the latest synthesizersdrum machinesmodular goodies and things that go bleep in the night? Good, because we’re
holding our first London Synthesizer Expo in conjunction with Garnish Music Production School on 23/07/15 in London Fields, Hackney to an industry only crowd.

We’ll have lots of exclusive new products to play with, some
cool FREEBIES, EPIC on the day deals, HUGE giveaways plus one off
opportunities to try out some sweet exotic gear that you can’t see anywhere

Garnish Music Production School will also be putting on free workshops throughout the duration of the event.

We have live music throughout the day from TiTo, seminars
and demonstrations from our exhibitors and a seminar dedicated to those who are
looking to get started with EuroRack and Synthesis in general from our very own
resident “Synth Bloke” – Tom Lewis.

Entry is free but but you must register to get your name on the door, you can register here.

Where: 205 Richmond Road, London Fields, Hackney E8 3NJ

When: 3-8PM 23/07/2015

Brands and
Exhibitors at the show include:

  • Ableton – We will be showing off what PUSH and Live can do when integrated with
    a hardware setup and also explain how to create the perfect synergy of Hardware
    and Software.
  • Arturia – Alex Theakston from Source Distribution will be showing us the brand new
    BeatStep Pro and explains why it might just revolutionise your live setup, plus
    your chance to play with some more familiar machines like MiniBrute and
    MiniBrute SE.
  • Bastl Instruments – If quirky, obscure synthesizers and samplers are your things
    then check out manufacturer Bastl, they will be proving us with Trinity
    Modules, MicroGranny 2.1 and a selection of EuroRack modules to play with on
    the day.
  • Blue Lantern Modular – US manufacturer Blue Lantern will be providing us with
    their complete desktop modular synthesizer the Dwarf Star, a comprehensive
    analogue synthesizer that’s the perfect entry point for modular novices and
    experts alike.
  • Doepfer
    we couldn’t have an event like this without featuring the original EuroRack
    manufacturer could we? Tom Lewis will be holding a class / seminar with a
    Doepfer Basic system to help explain the benefits of moving to Modular.
  • DreadBox – we will have the very classy semi-modular “wonderbox” EREBUS on the stand with TiTo all day, this little paraphonic beast can do everything from analogue poly pads, to fat nasty bass sounds.
  • Hypersynth – we will have a Xenophone available to play with on the day, this little 3 Analogue OSC monosynth is a dark horse and one to watch out for, with a rich synthesis
    architecture and plenty of modulation capabilities.
  • Modal Electronics – Luca from Modal will be attending and talking about the
    latest innovations from the Bristol manufacturer – we’ll have the new toys in town, the
    incredible 001 & 002 available to play with on the day.
  • Moog
    if you’re yet to have a tinker on a Sub37 then why not come down and see what
    Moogs latest show piece is all about, plus we’ll have one of the coolest mono’s
    available now the WERKSTATT 01 out for playtime.
  • Novation
    Product specialist Mark Lowes will be demonstrating the classy Bass Station II
    plus the digital powerhouse that is the Novation Ultranova.
  • Radikal Technologies – Product Designer Joerg Schaaf will be in attendance to show off the Spectralis 2 and Accelerator synthesizers, these awesome, powerful synthesizers are rarely seen in the UK so this is an excellent oppertunity to hear them in action.
  • Roger Linn – We have the absolutely incredible Linnstrument on the stand with
    TiTo, this is the only place you can get to play with this brand new unique 3D
    expressive MIDI Controller.
  • Roland
    We’ll have the complete AIRA line-up on the stand with TiTo plus an appearance
    from the brand new System-1M and the EuroRack effects modules.
  • Soulsby Synthesizers – London lad Paul Soulsby will be attending and showing off
    the crazy and utterly sublime Chiptune mega-synth AtmegaTron and its smaller
    sibling, the Mini-Atmegatron!
  • Studio Electronics – This will be the first chance in the UK to check out the
    BoomStar modular range, we’ll have a complete Sensei and Seito system plus all
    of the Boomstar range to make some incredible noises with.
  • Teenage Engineering – We have the complete series of pocket operators available to
    play with on the day, plus a master-class on the iconic OP-1 from TiTo.
  • TipTop Audio – And last but by no means least is your chance to play with the
    brand new modular sequencer from TipTop….Circadian Rhythms – we have a complete
    Modular Drum machine plumbed into Circadian which makes for some incredible 808
    + 909 fun.

Also as we mentioned there will be show only deals where you
can save up to 20% on certain products from the show and more, plus giveaways
and seminars from sound designers and synth buffs.