Lisson Grove AR-1 Vintage Compressor available from Kazbar Systems

The Lisson Grove AR-1 is a vintage style mono compressor based on the original EMI RS124 design which was prevalent in the 1960’s . This version of the RS124 design has been modified and re-designed by legendary producer Hugo Nicolson who has woven in some modifications, some of which are in the circuit and some which are functional.

The AR-1 is hand built in Great Britain to the highest possible standard using NOS Mullard and RCA Tubes along with Sowter and Cinemag transformers. The Lisson Grove has been re-built from a love of the sound which from a bygone era. You will recognize the familiar sound.

The AR-1 will be a welcome addition to any studio rack for processing any vocal, drums, guitar or instrument.

To audition the Lisson Grove AR-1 please email:

Kazbar Systems Pro Audio Sales