Kazbar Systems have supplied producer Lee McCutcheon with a pair of Focal SM9‘s for his West London studio.

There was an element of urgency around the sale as Lee wanted to do the final mix downs of the number one selling album, the soundtrack to the film ‘Les Miserables‘ in his studio using the broad sound spectrum of the SM9’s.

Lee McCutcheon:”I was just about to embark on the Les Miserables Soundtrack album mix down when Kazbar Systems brought over the Focal SM9‘s for me to try. I put them up and just got on with it.

I’m trying to find words to describe the flavour of the SM9’s but I can’t. They just feel invisible. I guess that’s the point, I don’t actually notice them.

What I do know is without them, on other monitors, I feel like a sheet has been dropped over my ears. The clarity and transparency of the SM9’s is amazing. I have a huge amount of confidence with the transference to other speakers when I work on them. When I get something feeling right on the SM9’s , it feels the same everywhere”.

Kazbar Systems Pro Audio Sales

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