Namm Show 2013 Show with Kazbar Systems

Lots of products launched at this years Winter NAMM Show and we’ve mentioned the highlights here on this blog but there’s a few more we hadn’t covered which definitely deserve your attention..

Burl B32 Vancouver 32 Channel Mix Bus Summing Mixer

Burl B32 Vancouver Summing Mixer available from Kazbar Systems

Burl Audio introduces it’s latest hotbed of creativity, the B32 Vancouver, a 32 Channel Mix Bus Summing Mixer.

Based on Burl Audio’s renowned discrete analog, Class-A circuitry, the B32 Mix Bus employs both the transparency of the B26 Orca, plus the switchable tonality of the new Burl Audio BX5 Output Transformer.

In addition to the BX5, the B32 Vancouver introduces a new concept to the summing amplifier, Gain Boost.

Adding gain boost with the BX5 will give your mixes a certain sound reminiscent of when engineers mastered their recordings down to a two track tape machine.

With 32 input channels and switchable tonality, the B32 Vancouver will provide your mixes with warmth and definition.

Features: Discrete, Class A signal path.-8 Mono Inputs, 24 Stereo Imputs.-Audiophile 0.1% Stepped Attenuators. -Switchable BX5 Output Transformer. -Summing Amp Gain Boost. – Dual Stereo Outputs.

Burl B26 Orca Speaker Monitor Controller

Burl B26 Orca Speaker Controller available from Kazbar Systems

Given Burl’s reputation for the sonic quality of their hardware, it’s natural that they would release an outstanding Monitor Speaker Controller, the Burl B26 Orca.

The Burl B26 Orca utilizes the same analog, discrete circuit path philosophy as prior Burl products with the emphasis on the best audio representation.

Features: -Direct Coupled, Discreet Class A Signal Path. -3 Stereo Mix Inputs,2 Stereo Tape Return Inputs, RCA Stereo Input. -2 Stereo Speaker Outputs. -Stepped Attenuator for Control Room Outputs. -Independent Studio/Headphones Send Level. -External Meter Output. -Control Room and Studio Headphone Outputs.

Telefunken M82 Multi Purpose Dynamic Microphone

Telefunken M82 Microphone available from Kazbar Systems

Telefunken have released the M82 Dynamic Multi Purpose Dynamic Microphone. Though it was designed with the Kick Drum as it’s primary application, the two EQ switches make the M82 equally suited for a multitude of sources such as vocals, percussion, broadcast voice, guitar and bass amplifiers, organ and brass instruments.

Check out this demonstration video:

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