KRK Rokit G3 available from Kazbar Systems

Just incase you hadn’t heard, KRK have released the 3rd generation of the industry standard Rokit active studio monitor speakers.

KRK Rokits brought incredible value, accurate studio monitoring to our ears 10 years ago, giving professional engineers a new alternative but also, due to the incredible value, revolutionizing home recording too.

Now KRK have revamped the Rokits once again. The outer cabinet has a new design including the bass port, new high & low rear frequency controls allow for the Rokits to be tweaked to any acoustic environment. The Rokit’s bi-amped amplifier has been enhanced to improve the headroom while retaining minimum distortion plus the silk dome Tweeter has had an upgrade providing responses upto 35kHz.

There are five versions in the Rokit range, Rokit 45, 6, 8Rokit 10 3-way reference speaker.

KRK Rokit 10 G3 Active Monitor Speaker available from Kazbar Systems

KRK have retained the existing 10s12s Subwoofers but for those who have larger rooms and larger bass requirements or just love lots of bass, why not look at the 12sHO kicking out 400-watts of dynamic Sub.

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