Matrix Studios Based Vasco Studio Upgrade from Kazbar Systems

Based at London’s Matrix Studio complex, acclaimed TV, film & advertising composer Vasco has just upgraded his studio courtesy of Kazbar Systems.

Vasco was introduced to Kazbar when his Matrix studio neighbour Stuart Roslyn upgraded his audio interface to a Prism Sound Atlas. Impressed with Stuart’s feedback on the sound of the Atlas and the growing need he felt to address similar issues within his own studio, Vasco decided on a Prism Atlas for his own studio,

                                                Matrix Studios Based Vasco Studio Cabling Upgrade from Kazbar Systems

Vasco (whose music has featured on many high profile TV advertising campaigns including KFC, Virgin Trains, Hovis & BMW while his production music has graced numerous television programs including The Secret Millionaire, The Oprah Winfrey Show, A Place In The Sun and American Idol) heard the clarity of the Atlas immediately “It was the clarity and depth of sound that really sold it to me, plus the the fact it all honesty, it looks quite cool!”.

After purchasing his Atlas, Vasco felt it was time to address his cabling which he felt was wired in a way which was  not making full use of his outboard and allowing the greatest flexibility,

Matrix Studios Based Vasco Studio Cabling Upgrade from Kazbar Systems

Kazbar Systems recommended and installed a complete re configuration of the wiring arrangement including wiring the audio ins & outs of the Atlas to a Patchbay, connecting liveroom and headphond feeds along with wiring his outboard to patchbay too.

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