Platoon Studio Installation by Kazbar Systems

Kazbar Systems was chosen by Platoon to assist with supplying their brand new recording facility within the Tileyard Studios complex at Kings Cross. Formerly the recording facility of Brit & Grammy Award winning producer Mark Ronson, the studio has already witnessed many legendary recordings and productions.

Our involvement was first discussed while providing the EPA Sound Trio live sound system for a Platoon office party. Shortly after, we were back in contact and working through the equipment list.

Platoon MCI JH500 Mixing Console & Outboard Rack

At the heart of the studio is the original mixing console previously owned by Mark Ronson, the MCI JH500. The MCI JH500 was revolutionary during the 1970s and is regarded by some engineers as the best sounding console ever made – The Bee Gees, The Eagles, Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart, the Grease film soundtrack, ACDC and Elton John have all used them to mix Gold and Platinum albums.

Main monitoring is handled by a pair of ATC SCM200’s, with ATC SCM25’s for near to midfield, and also some classic Yamaha NS10s.

To complement the console, the studio has a host of the best outboard, including Avalon 737 Preamp/Channel Strips. Major studios always have more than one make of preamps and channel strips, as each make and model has its own tone from the preamp and onboard functions, be it EQ or Compression. Platoon’s is amongst the best, including the onboard preamps of the vintage MCI JH500 console, Avalon, API 500 Series and two Warm Audio 273EQ‘s.

Platoon FLEA 47 Microphone & Live Rooms

Further outboard provided by Kazbar includes the Bricasti M7 ReverbEmpirical Labs Distressors, a Chandler TG1, Stereo Compressor, a Manley Massive Passive Stereo EQManley Vari Mu, and Warm Audio WA76 Compressors and Warm Audio EQPWA Tube EQs.

Platoon Live Rooms at Tileyard Studios

The studio has two Live Rooms; the main Live Room is adjacent to the Control Room with line of sight via a window. We supplied a host of Radial DIs, Guitar Re-Amping and microphones. The main vocal/instrument microphone chosen was the FLEA 47, closely modelled upon the classic Neumann U47.

Platoon Studer A800 Tape Machine, Scully 8 Track, Avid HDX 2, Antelope Audio 32HD Audio Interface

The studio fuses the best of past and current recording methods. To capture the sound of the excellent MCI Mixing Console, studio outboard, microphones and all of the guitars, drums and further instruments which Platoon have purchased (not forgetting the world class performers who will grace the studio), we supplied an Avid Pro Tools HDX2 System attached to a Mac Pro. The HDX 2 interfaces to an Antelope Audio Orion 32HD 64 Channel Audio Interface.

Platoon have the added option of recording to tape via a Studer A800 24 Track or a Scully 8 Track previously owned by the world famous Sun Studios.

We look forward to working with Platoon as their studio develops.