Cameron Blackwood is a British record producer, songwriter and musician,
his credits include; George Ezra, London Grammar, Alabama 3 and Florence and the Machine and he has been a client of Kazbar Systems for many years.


Cameron contacted Kazbar to advise on improving the acoustic performance of his Studio.

The client has a writing and production studio located near Clapham Junction, London. The Studio measures approximately 17 sq. m and is situated on the first floor.
The Kazbar team conducted the onsite room analysis, which revealed the expected LF peaks at 60 Hz, 80 Hz and 140 Hz. There were also peaks around 6 kHz and 8 kHz.


Cameron Blackwood's AcoustiAcoustic Upgrade Solution

The solution to the acoustic inaccuracies the Studio exhibited were a number of tuned LF absorbers and HF absorbers. All of the treatments were wrapped in acoustically transparent fabric in the colour of client’s choice and flush mounted to the walls and ceiling. The acoustic treatments were manufactured and installed by the Kazbar team.

Once the treatments had been installed the room was analysed again, the results of the test validated that the treatments had performed as anticipated and that the acoustic response of the Studio had been dramatically improved.


Recording Equipment

In addition to acoustic treatments, Kazbar Systems supplied Cameron with recording equipment for his studio.
The set-up included an Avid HDX 2 system & HDIO Converters with HEDD 20 Active monitor speakers.
Furthermore, Kazbar supplied a large quantity of outboard gear including: TK Audio BC2ME mastering compressor, Vintage Design VDC EQ, Manley Massive Passive, Manley Vari Mu mastering compressor and a Chandler TG2 EMI 500 Preamp.