Kahayan products available from Kazbar Systems

Kazbar Systems are now the UK appointed distributor for Kahayan Pro Audio. We were drawn to the unique design concepts of Kahayan bringing their own approach to recording hardware design using the highest quality components.

Three units off of their excellent product range summarised below:

Epsilon 32-500 Summing Mixer

Kahayan Epsilon 32-500 Summing Mixer

Kahayan gives you a solid high-end sonic experience with the unique, low noise, 32-500 Summing Mixer. This hardwired unit is perfect for bringing the legendary, analogue sound to your in-the-box mix.

With the extremely versatile Epsilon 32 Channel Summing Mixer, Kahayan gives you the opportunity to combine your favourite classic consoles in one unit by simply flicking a switch. 

With 3 summing modes you have the world at your hands, letting you decide what is right for your mix, without disturbing your creative flow.

Kahayan 12K72 Mono & Dual Microphone Preamp

Kahayan 12K72 Preamp available from Kazbar Systems

The Kahayan 12K72 is an extremely versatile preamp which is the new ‘must have’ addition to your studio setup. This unit provides the warmth and depth you need for the authentic vintage sound. It is the perfect preamp for all recordings and for all musical genres.

This is a completely handcrafted and handwired unit with high end components such as the rare Carnhill trafos and Styroflex condensers, in combination of others, this provides you with that clear and transparent sound that will lift the quality your productions to a new level.

The affordable price and high quality makes this Low noise, Discreet Solid State preamp the perfect competitor on the marked among the classic high end brands such as Universal Audio, Neve and SSL.

With this product Kahayan gives you the opportunity to travel back in time to relive the unforgettable sound from the 70’s era.

Kahayan 8×4 Amp/Speaker Selector

Kahayan 8x4 Amp/Speaker Selector available from Kazbar Systems

The 8×4 Amplifier/Speaker Selector is a system which allows you to connect 8 amplifiers to 4 speakers, providing the possibility of easily selecting combinations of amplifiers and speakers. Thus avoiding waste of time and making work easier and without quality loss in the signal path.

How it was created

After several suggestions of Ludovico Vagnone guitarist, Pablo Kahayan started developing a prototype of what is now known as the 4×4 selector. After many trials, Pablo found the perfect circuit to keep the purest possible signal. In this way you could combine different guitar amps with different speakers. After 4×4 selector the 8×4 was developed. Thanks to Ludovico Vagnone for all his contributions.

For further information on the above products or the further Kahayan range please contact us.

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