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Client Requirements:

Kazbar Systems supplies all pro audio equipment, cabling and full studio setup for Josh Wilkinson at Tileyard Studios London Kings Cross.


Josh Wilkinson Studio

Kazbar Systems has just completed the studio installation for acclaimed songwriter Josh Wilkinson. Josh (whose credits include writing songs for the likes of One Direction, James Blunt, Union J, Pixie Lott & 5 Seconds To Summer) wanted a studio with specification which allowed for fast & simple recording. The studio needed to fully equipped to pro-audio industry standards, allowing for the best sounding vocal and instrument recordings.

Josh draws on many musical inspirations for his music, so versatile hardware with variation in sound was essential. The core of the system is an Apple iMac running Logic Studio X. The Mac system is connected to an Apogee Ensemble allowing for extremely high ADDA conversion and ultra-low latency recording. Josh is a fan of synths especially Bass and Lead sounds so we recommended an Arturia MiniBrute SE. In addition, to bring some hands-on control over samples and beats, Josh decided on an Arturia Beatstep Pro.

Although the studio is mostly setup around the writing aspect, Josh is a fan of the Softube Console 1 having worked with producers who are existing users. Josh is a big fan of the SSL Dynamics which are included with the Console 1 but also the optional Softube plugins which are very much becoming the industry standard.


Josh Wilkinson Studio Equipment collage



For the main vocal microphone and recording chain, we recommended the Telefunken AK47 MkII Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone with a Neve 1073DPA Dual Preamp and Tube Tech CL1B Mono Valve Compressor.

Josh wanted a true ‘all round’ solution for his main vocal mic. Although Josh will mainly be recording his own vocal within the studio, naturally he works with other singer/songwriters too. Therefore the mic needed to be versatile for all types of vocals and for acoustic instruments. After countless demo’s and trials with many producers, we find the Telefunken AK47mk II to be a preferable choice. This is due to the detailed, full bodied tone it provides, in addition, it is known to be excellent value for money too.

To isolate the sound we recommended the Kaotica Eyeball Portbable Vocal Booth. We mounted The AK47mkII & Kaotica Eyeball to a Latchlake MicKing 1100 Heavy Duty Microphone Stand.



For monitoring, Josh was comfortable with the Focal Trio 6BE Active Monitor Speakers. He had previously worked on them within other producer’s studios and was very happy with the sound. Focal was the choice for headphone monitoring too due to their natural sound being excellent for both vocal recording and mixing. For monitor control we recommended the Art Headamp Pro 6 Headphone Amplifier and the SPL 2381 Monitor Talkback Controller.

All cabling for the set-up was custom specified, made and supplied by Kazbar Systems.