First it was mobile studio recording trucks – people like Fleetwood Mac had one in the 70s, then it moved on to multiple ADATs or DA88 in smaller trucks, then Alesis and Mackie made some dedicated hard disc based devices. Then we graduated to takinga Pro Tools rig out on the road – not for the feint hearted…

Now we have the Joe Co Black Box Recorders, single unit, multi-track, record and playback systems, that let you record up to 64 channels per unit (MADI), or more if you hook multiple units together – right onto regular USB drives.

With a variety of applications Black Box Recorders can be used for recording every song of a tour for later release – you can’t waste a single performance in this day and age..

Alternatively, they can be used for playback – though best not talk too much about that – oh okay lets. Perhaps you need them those massive layered sounds you just cant repeat live, or in some cases the ahem, lead vocal to “support the singer when needed”. Or perhaps for sending tuning references to the monitor mix for opening sections, when there’s not too much to pitch to. The possibilities are endless.

And now with new 32 track DANTE – audio networking protocol and MADI – 64 channel digital audio system, there’s less reason not to integrate this into a live production.

Joe Co available from:

Kazbar Systems Pro Audio Sales