JamHub Portable Rehearsal System available from Kazbar Systems


*Practice like a Pro

Have you ever wondered why all big-time artists you see on stage during festivals or in studios are wearing in-ear monitors or headphones? The answer is clear and simple: The pros want to precisely hear their performance and feel totally at ease in the process. Now, for the first time, every band can have the same kind of setup with JamHub regardless where they play/rehearse/record.

*Save your ears

Hearing with great clarity and precision helps you and your band to improve much faster than the traditional approach of playing with amps in a small room. Rocking out is great at shows, it’s just not the best way to hone your skills individually or as a band. The human ears has some special features, but taking in sound levels of 110dB for a prolonged time is not one of them 😉

With JamHub no more volume wars, feedback and van loads of gear just to practice.

*Save the singer

In a conventional rehearsal room the singer is the weakest sound in the chain. The singer is constantly competing with other instruments and reacts naturally by trying to sing louder and louder. No wonder so many singers come away from practice with strained vocal chords. With JamHub your singer can focus on his/her pitch, tone and microphone technique.

*Living in perfect harmony

Have you ever tried rehearsing backing vocals and harmonies during a ‘full volume’ band practice?

You need to focus on pitch, timing and tone. Nearly impossible to do with all the excessive volume in the room. The ability to create a perfect personal ‘harmony’ mix with JamHub makes a world of difference.

Take a look at the video below to see the JamHub in effect:

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