Our good friend and world class producer James Reynold has just upgraded he’s monitoring to include some Unity Audio Boulder MKII’s;

James Reynolds Boulder MKII

Audio has built a unique custom finish pair of Boulder MKII 3 way active
monitors for UK producer James Reynolds.

was one of the first Boulder users and we wanted to make something special for
him, he asked if we could make a pair with a natural wood finish and we were
happy to accommodate his request.” Kevin Walker – Unity Audio

again Unity Audio have raised the bar with mixing monitors. Since upgrading
from Boulders MK1 to MKII my mixes have got 10 percent quicker and and
translate even better on other systems.”

Reynolds – Producer

include Tinie Tempah, Jessie J, Pixie Lott. “

For more information about James Reynolds check out he’s website here; http://jamesfreynoldsmixing.com/

For more information about Boulder MKII check out our unity audio page here; https://kazbarsystemsinc.com/brands/Unity-Audio…