In Spring this year, James Reynolds decided that his studio, home to countless hit mixes since 2005 was no longer big enough to accommodate his workload and equipment, at the same time the room studio next door to his became available.

Conveniently over twice the size of his original studio, plus room enough for a secondary editing rig for his assistant too.

James Reynolds Studio Installation by Kazbar Systems

Although James’s new room had a high level of acoustic treatment already, James wanted a different mixing position due to his studio workstation and setup so called Kazbar Systems to assist with working out how to get the best out of the room both acousticly and practically.

After several meetings and design revisions, James decided to go ahead. Work commenced over the Spring Bank Holiday to minimize disruption to James’s busy schedule.

We started by completely stripping out the existing panels, both on the walls and ceiling plus lighting and carpets, everything down to the framework. Our studio designs completely reshaped the interior of the room using our custom designed panels both on the walls and ceiling.

Like in all interior designs, ambience plays a key factor too so included in our specification was a lighting design to get the most out of the interior using LED panel mounted lighting.

James Reynolds Studio Installation by Kazbar Systems

The end result was a studio build finished on time to allow for the studio equipment to be setup plus speaker testing too.

James loved the accuracy readings from the acoustic tests we ran, so much he decided to reassess his speaker monitoring. James decided that the new Nueman KH410 monitor speakers worked amazingly in his new setup.

Also, as an alternative reference James uses Unity Audio Boulder Speakers.

James Reynolds Studio Installation by Kazbar Systems

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