The Universal Audio Apollo became an instant hit with producers when it was released due to the popularity of the UAD plugins and convenient integration of audio interface design and UAD DSP processing.

Now, to make life even more convenient with producers/songwriters who are looking for a compact solution for studio and mobile working, Universal Audio have released the Twin Solo & Twin Duo Audio Interfaces.

Universal Audio Apollo Twin available from Kazbar Systems

The Apollo Twin has what would be expected on a compact audio interface in terms of inputs and outputs; two high quality preamps with instrument input too plus a separate monitor and line output.

The Apollo Twin also has an eight channel optical input which is a great way of being able to expand the inputs of the Apollo should you record more than two vocals or instruments at a time.

Another great feature of the Apollo Twin is the Thunderbolt connection as standard freeing up valuable USB resources for iLoks, Hard Drives etc.

Also new to the Apollo platform is the Unison system where the on-board preamps can be modeled to change their character via the included ‘Realtime Classics Bunde’. These plugins include Solo 610-B (which models the preamp section of the LA-610mk2, Universal Audio’s best selling Preamp/Channel Strip), Softube Amp Room Essentials plus more.

Universal Audio UAD-2 DSP Plugin Processors available from Kazbar Systems

Some of the Universal Audio plugins can take more DSP processing than others and that’s where the glory of the UAD platform kicks in. If you do run out out of DSP with your Apollo Twin, you could add a UAD2 Satellite system to your setup which would then share the DSP processing within your current recording session.

Check out the this video showing the Apollo Twin, Unison & UAD Plugins in use:

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