MOTU Ultralite MK4 AVB Audio Interface available from Kazbar Systems

MOTU are now shipping the UltraLite-mk4. The latest in MOTU’s popular, award-winning UltraLite interface series, the UltraLite-mk4 is an 18-input, 22-output audio interface with DSP mixing, effects processing and best-in-class analog audio quality for on-the-go mobile audio recording

This new model has many of the benefits of the UltraLite AVB (and the other models in the AVB range), that are not on the UltraLite-mk3 Hybrid, but at a lower price point:

  • New, optimized ultra-low latency drivers : MOTU’s engineers surprised everyone with the low round trip latency figures they have achieved over USB2.0, as low as 1.83ms on OS X and 1.84ms on Windows – those are figures you would expect from ThunderBolt
  • Stunning audio quality – the analog outputs deliver a Dynamic Range of 117 dB; to put that into perspective, just a few short years ago our top-of-the range £1,600 HD192 measured in at 120 dB
  • ADAT Optical I/O – with the addition of these the total channel count rises to 40: 2 mic/guitar inputs, 6 line ins, 10 line outs, independent phones out, S/PDIF digital I/O and 8-channel optical I/O
  • Large, clear LCD display – with detailed metering for all analog and digital I/O
  • Web browser interface – no need for a dedicated app to be installed; also allows for remote control of mixing on iPad, providing the UltraLite-mk4 is connected to a host computer on the same Network
  • Internal Routing Flexibility – any physical input or channel of computer audio can be routed anywhere – to any other output, or into the internal mixer
  • Audio Class Compliant – connects to any computer with hi-speed USB 2.0 (compatible with USB 3.0 and iOS) without any Drivers needing to be installed (thought the dedicated Drivers will give improved performance and features). Compatible with all audio software.

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