Livid Instruments have actually been manufacturing custom controllers since 2004 and are now offering a line of commercially available MIDI Control Surfaces and DIY products.

Naturally Livid take attention to detail very seriously and source high end, quality parts for the manufacturer of their products. The wood used in their instruments is hand picked and all components are custom designed to offer the best in performance and integration.

With a set of open source hardware and software tools, Livid encourage artists and the creative community to adapt their range of products to meet specific needs. The aim is for artists to unlock new creative potential by using these controllers.

After purchasing one of the Livid controller, if you need further control, Livid have a range of Expansions too.

Livid also have released their ‘Elements’ range, a completely modular MIDI Control Platform. You can fully create your own controller layout without any soldering , electronics or complicated assembly.

Check out this video of the modular Elements system:

Livid Instruments available from:

Kazbar Systems Studio Equipment Sales

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