Focal SM9 Active Monitor Speakers available from Kazbar Systems

Iggy B, founder and owner of Bella Union Studio based within East London’s famous Strongroom Studios was recommended to Kazbar Systems to demo a pair of Focal SM9 Active Monitor Speakers after being advised to check them out by a fellow engineer.

Kazbar Systems were only too happy to assist and delivered a pair down to Iggy the day he enquired, one week later they had a new home and Iggy has been mixing on them ever since..

We also recommended the IsoAcoustic L8R200 Isolating Speaker Stands to provide the correct angling for the speakers and manage the bass dispersion.

Iggy mentions: “I am always willing to sacrifice a good deal in exchange for great customer service but somehow, Kazbar maintain great value while still managing to go way beyond the call of duty to make sure everything’s okay. 

For starters, they hand delivered my new speakers to personally make sure they arrived in pristine condition, service like that is a rare and precious thing!”