World-beating converter manufacturer Prism Sound has announced permanent price reductions (up to 25%) on
their X-platform products – Lyra 1 & 2, Titan and Atlas
USB interfaces. In addition to the incredible price-drop get a further 10%
until the end of December,
only at Kazbar Systems!

Now is the perfect time to get
onboard with Prism Sound conversion and join the likes of DeadMau5, Pete Tong,
Abbey Road Studios and other leading artists, engineers and studios around the

Lyra-1 RRP £1,599 is now just £895!

Prism Lyra 1

Lyra-2 RRP £1,999 is now just £1,345!

Prism Lyra 2

Titan RRP £3,594 is now just £2,020!

Prism Atlas

Atlas RRP £4,499 is now just £3,889!

Prism Titan

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