Introducing GLM 3.0 and the 7380 Subwoofer

Genelec 7380 SubWoofer available from Kazbar Systems

Genelec unveiled two new products at last week’s IBC Show in Amsterdam – GLM 3.0 Loudspeaker Manager Software and the 7380 SAM Subwoofer.
The 7380 is Genelec’s flagship SAM subwoofer, delivering both high SPL and an extended low-distortion LF response in an impressively compact enclosure.

GLM 3 Loudspeaker Manager Software now incorporates beta Cloud services, Reference Level listening features and several other important refinements, dialogue boxes and bug fixes.

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GLM 3 software tightly integrates with the advanced internal DSP circuitry which a growing family of Genelec SAM monitors and subwoofers is equipped with, from the tiny 8320 to the massive 1236A. GLM 3’s reference microphone kit allows your acoustic environment to be analysed, after which GLM 3’s AutoCal feature optimises each monitor for level, distance delay, subwoofer crossover phase and room response equalisation, with the option for you to further fine tune the system. By minimising the room’s influence on the sound, GLM 3 helps Genelec monitors deliver an unrivalled reference, with excellent translation between rooms.

New Features Include:

Support for New SAM devices – 1032C, 8331A, 8341A and 7380A
Firmware updates for SAM monitors, SAM subwoofers and GLM
Loudness Preset Calibration – Allows calibration of the listening levels in accordance
with the loudness standards such as ATSC A/85 and EBU R128
GLM Cloud Beta – Stores GLM settings in cloud-based account

Please note: GLM 3 cannot control Classic Genelec monitors. If you’re using Classic models, be sure to adjust their rear-panel DIP switches for a neutral frequency response after placement in the room. Full details can be found in every user manual.

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