Alices Loft Studio purchase Focal Trio Active Speakers from Kazbar Systems

Denise Mangiardi owner of Alices Loft Music recently commissioned Kazbar Systems to assist with the cabling, patchbay and equipment upgrade for her South West London based studio.

Shortly after the completion of the upgrade, Denise felt the next step was to upgrade the studios main monitor speakers, she had heard very positive feedback from her associate engineers in respect of Focal and particularly the Trio 6BE‘s. We arranged a demo at the studio, it is always best to evaluate speakers within the room they are intended to be used in.

After working with the Trios for two days, Denise had made her decision “The speakers are really incredible, I can hear everything as if each spectrum was in its own world !!!
I love them and there is no heat! Incredible, they make listening less stressful , especially after the habits of most mixing (Too many hours) but the intensity is lessened somehow on the ears ! I think that’s why I love them most of all !!”

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