Focal SM9 Active Monitor Speakers available from Kazbar Systems

Focal SM9s for Miguel D’Oliveira

On an exceptionally warm July afternoon, a brand new pair of Focal SM9 monitors were installed into the private studio of TV music composer, Miguel D’Oliveira, by Kazbar Systems replacing his existing monitors.

“I am a London based composer, writing mostly for TV (dramas and documentaries) and I have recently been searching for speakers that could work properly in my compact studio (ideally without ports at the rear). I was also hoping to find a pair good enough to avoid the need for a subwoofer. After checking out a couple of the leading brands I had a brief chat with a friend who is a recording engineer at Abbey Road studios and he suggested I had a listen to the SM9s.

The outcome surpassed my expectations. It was similar to tweaking the focus on a pair of binoculars. The stereo field suddenly broadened, I could pinpoint where different elements were sitting in the mix and very detailed layers came out of nowhere. In addition, this model has a ‘Focus’ mode, which, at a press of a button, pretty much turns them immediately into a kind of NS10. This is becoming very useful for me for last minute checks on my mixes before I deliver them to TV broadcasts.

With the SM9 you get a sonic range from sheer power to detailed intimacy. Couldn’t fault them.”

The SM9s were supplied and installed by Kazbar Systems

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