Antelope Orion 32 Studio available from Kazbar Systems

The Orion Studio is the second addition to Antelope’s family of Thunderbolt Audio Interfaces, employing 12 pristine, class-A mic pres, stunning AD/DA conversion as well as extended usability and functionality. Orion Studio’s conversion is empowered by Antelope’s acclaimed 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) jitter management technology. The multiple zero-latency mixers with onboard DSP effects turn Orion Studio into a centerpiece for any studio or live show environment.

Antelope Audio 10MX available from Kazbar Systems

Antelope Audio’s 10MX Rubidium Atomic Clock is the premier member of the Isochrone product line. It offers the most stable clocking reference available for audio professionals and is perfectly suited for mastering, mixing, post-production, live sound and film-scoring applications. 10MX employs the latest advancements of Antelope Audio’s industry-leading Atomic and Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFCTM) Technologies to maintain digital audio system stability and preserve the highest level of sonic integrity.

Antelope Orion 32+ Studio available from Kazbar Systems

The Orion32+ now featuring Thunderbolt™ compatibility, zero latency monitoring and unmatched sonic depth and clarity, the Orion32+ delivers the ultimate in flexibility and sonic integrity to a demanding new generation of recording engineers and musicians. Orion32+ also includes Antelope’s powerful DSP engine, which is optimized to run customized EQ, compressor and reverb effects. These include the recently announced AuraVerb and other forthcoming effects, which are included at no additional cost.

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