Underground Electronic Producer John 00 Fleming has achieved international success with his live performances and work with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios.
He recently purchased the new Eve Audio SC3070 Active Monitor Speakers for his production studio,
check out what he has to say:

“For many years I’ve spent far too much time on mix downs and listening to my mastering guy’s feedback of areas to improve that he could hear, but I couldn’t. After months of tweaking positions of monitors, acoustic panels and general moving stuff around I missed the obvious thing. Monitors. After my first few sessions with my SC3070’s I felt I could eventually hear in full quality HD colour along with 3D. The balance of each sound within my projects became instantly obvious, I could eventually hear with precise detail thus giving me the confidence of where to place a sound/part within my songs. What used to be a tedious task due to battling those gremlins have now become a joy, I now look forward to mixing”

John 00 Fleming
Underground Electronic Producer | Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Abbey Road Studios

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EVE Audio SC3070 available from Kazbar Systems