Empirical Labs available from Kazbar Systems

The Empirical Labs DocDerr is a brand new API 500 series multi-purpose channel strip. This breakthrough tone enhancement module houses six different sections of digitally controlled analog processing at an extremely affordable price point.

Empirical Labs Doc Derr available from Kazbar Systems

“I couldn’t be more delighted with this piece,” says ELI founder and designer Dave Derr. “It has an interface and feature set unlike anything else on the market.”

The DocDerr model EL-Rx is available with either horizontal or vertically oriented front panel configurations.

What’s great about the DocDerr is the amount of features Empirical Labs squeezed into a 500 series module, including switchable three band EQ, High Pass Filter and a unique style of Tape Saturated Parallel Compression.

Check this video out which explains the features:

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