Josh Squash Studio Installation from Kazbar Systems

Drum & Bass artist Squash was originally recommended to Kazbar Systems by friend and mix engineer Sam Klempner when Squash was in the process of planning his private studio build and deciding on the best choices for his studio equipment.

                                                                     Active Monitor Speakers available from Kazbar Systems

The first decisions Josh had to decide on were his monitor speakers. Squah loved the sound and bass of the Adam A7X speakers for writing and production but then for mixing and referencing, chose the Focal Twin 6BE‘s.

Nektar Panorama P4 Controller Keyboard available from Kazbar Systems

Sam Klempner had recently been using the Nektar Panorama P4 Controller Keyboard and highly recommended as an option for Squash due to it’s excellent control integration with DAW’s such as Logic Studio and Pro Tools.

Here is an excellent video from Sonic State demonstrating the excellent features of the P4:

Squash’s tracks live instruments and vocals for his music productions and needed a recording solution which provides a true and neutral recording on the input stage. For his Preamps Josh chose the Audient ASP008 8 Channel Mic Preamp which is connected digitally to a Universal Audio Apollo audio interface.

Squash chose the Apollo due to it’s excellent ADDA converters but also due the Apollo’s on-board DSP effects.

                                                                      Universal Audio Apollo available from Kazbar Systems
Squash also has a collection of vintage keyboards & synthesizers and wanted to have them connected so he could control them from his DAW. We installed a MOTU 128X 8 Port MIDI Interface due to it’s connections and excellent MIDI timing.

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