Dreadbox Erebus v 3.0 Synthesizer

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Erebus has been somewhat of a secret weapon in many synthesists arsenal since its launch. But secrets will out, and it was not long before 'those in the know' about the thing were in all corners. DREADBOX have now released the third iteration of this tantalising compact power house. So let us have a look at the features...

Fully analogue two part paraphone synth, 3 oscillators, 2 oscillators with individual glide, 12dB 12 dB multimode filter (LP and HP), 2 envelopes (1xADSR and 1xADSR for AMP), Lo Fi echo, white noise generator, LFO, Clock generator, patchable sample and hold, 32 patch points.

The Main Features of The Dreadbox Erebus V3 Synthesizer Include:

  • Analog Duophonic Synthesizer
  • 3 Oscillators
  • Auto Tuning Function
  • Unique triple Ring Modulator
  • 12dB Resonating Multimode Filter
  • Dedicated ADSR Envelope to AMP
  • Lo-Fi Echo
  • ADSR Envelope with Loop Function
  • White Noise Generator
  • 3 LFOs
  • Individual Patchable VCA
  • Analog Clock Generator
  • Patchable Sample & Hold
  • 35 Patch Points
  • 15V DC center pin 2.5mm positive  (included)
  • 35 x 18 x 5.5 cm
  • 2.38 kg

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Dreadbox Erebus v 3.0 Synthesizer

Product Reviews

Written by Dimitris Athanasiou on 11th Sep 2015

A great starter in the analog synth world

First of all, Kazbar has been great. The synth was delivered to me the next day after I ordered and at an instance of contacting them by phone they have been really polite and helpful. The synth itself is a little box of creativity. The raw sounds are great to start with and the combination of modifiers is allowing for a vast variety of sounds to be created. The construction quality is solid as well. Only complaint was the european plug, but buying an adaptor is no biggy. Highly recommended!

Written by undefined on 5th Sep 2015

Dreadbox Erebus

Nice. For the money, there's nothing to match it... Highly recommended.

Written by Simon Herring on 9th Aug 2015


I've had this synth for about a month now and it is an awesome piece of kit. It was my first trip into hardware synths and the decision was between the Doepfer Dark Energy and the Dreadbox Erebus. I finally settled for the Erebus because of the 2 Oscillators and choice of wave forms; this gave me a broader selection of sounds to start with, especially since it is my only hardware synth (at the moment!). There is so much you can do with this synth, the echo module is an excellent addition (while researching there were different thoughts as to if it was analog or digital, but the Dreadbox website says it is digital and lo-fi - it has its own character). I must have spent the first week just creating sounds you would expect to have come from the early days of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. But this is far from just a noise box, it is capable of some "smooth", "lush", "fat", "creamy", "silky"...haha!...just some awesome sounding bass and lead sounds. I experimented with patching the ElectroHarmonix 8-Step Sequencer and it works a treat!! If you get stuck for sound ideas, Tom from KazbarSystems is happy to give you some pointers. The dude knows his stuff. It may seem beyond obvious, but if you haven't had a hardware synth and are coming from soft synths make sure you keep a camera nearby so that when you come across a sound you like, take a (real) snapshot! A note on construction. The Erebus has clearly been made with care and attention. A metal chassis and wood side panels; it is a solid piece of kit. Clearly built to last. I would highly recommend this Semi-Modular Synth. Whether you are looking for a first hardware synth or have an array of them, you won't regret picking this one up. It is very much it's own beast.

Written by Ivor Lander on 26th Feb 2015

Dreadbox Erebus

Perhaps the greatest thing to come out of Greece since taramosalata! This little box is like a Tardis. It's huge inside. Two brilliantly wide-ranging and phat oscillators and a good set of modulating parameters. It's paraphonic too which means each oscillator can be independent and some great two line melodies or arpeggiated sequences can be had. Once you start patching with the supplied cables, it takes on another dimension and shows it's credentials as a true semi-modular system. The company name may be unfamiliar to you, but the sound certainly isn't. I think it's as good as anything else on the market at this price and better than some. Not a lot on youtube and such at the moment, but as more people find this instrument I think that will change. My only criticism is that another LFO would have been very useful, but hey, it's got two oscillators so that's maybe a bit mean to ask. You won't regret buying this.