DJ / Producer Alex Tepper (Futureshock, Steve Lawler) has just completed an upgrade of his East London studio based within Abbot Street Studios. 

Starting with his audio interface, Alex chose the new RME Fireface 802 as his weapon of choice. “The reasons I chose the RME was I love the dynamic sound of RME’s converters but  I also love the simplicity of the RME’s mixer software making routing really simple”.

                                                                  RME Fireface 802 installed in Alex Tepper's Studio

To hear the most out of the sound quality of the Fireface 802, Alex decided to upgrade his speakers too. Alex continues to use the studio standard Yamaha NS10’s as a reference but for his main monitors, Alex chose Focal Solo 6BE‘s.

“After trying several speakers in my room, I found the Solo’s to offer the best translation for my mixes. I hear everything even at low levels”

Aksi MPC's, Synths and Dangerous D-Box at Alex Tepper's Studio

Last but far from least was Alex’s decision to upgrade his Monitor Controller setup. While looking into options Alex was recommended the Dangerous Music D-Box which is not just a Monitor Controller but also is a Summing Mixer too.

Summing Mixers bring the simplest form of mixing to a studio setup without having to mix in it’s traditional form. If you like mixing in the box but want to bring the sound of hardware to your sound in the simplest way, Summing Mixers are the answer. The Dangerous Music D-Box has 8 ins on a DSUB connector so with Alex’s setup, the 8 analogue outs are connected to the DSUB ins of the D-Box. The in the DAW, you the choose which tracks you send to your outputs.

For example you may wish to send vocals to outputs 1-2, loops 3-4, synths 5-6, bass 7 and kick drum 8. Splitting up the mix adds space to your mix, allowing the hardware of the summing mixer to add an extra dynamic before you bring the mix back in.

Alex’s primary DAW of choice is Ableton Live.

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