Two members of the Number 1 selling production team Disciples
have recently upgraded their studios courtesy of Kazbar Systems.

Nathan Duvall

Nathan Duvall Disciples Studio Upgrade

Systems has recently assisted Nathan Duvall, one part of the hugely successful
production trio Disciples, with his studio upgrade. Central to the upgrade was
the purchase of a Zaor MIZA 88Xl Studio Desk. Nathan chose this furniture due to Zaor’s
excellent ergonomic design and finish. The MIZA 88XL has ample rack space, plus
a sliding keyboard tray designed to comfortably fit an 88 note weighted
controller keyboard (or in Nathan’s case, a Mac Keyboard and 61 note Keyboard).

Nathan wanted to upgrade his audio interface to improve audio
quality, increase the number of analogue ins and outs and mic preamps. Nathan
was already familiar with RME and was drawn to the RME Fireface UFX due to its
impressive specifications, but he also required an interface that would allow
his MacBook Pro and his MacPro to communicate via a USB2 connection. 

For vocals we recommended the excellent Telefunken CU29 Copperhead Large Diaphragm Microphone. This was due to the CU29’s excellent sonic performance for both male and female vocals plus instruments too

had already had a positive experience of Focal, having mixed the hits ‘How Deep
Is Your Love’ and ‘One More Time’ on a pair of Focal Solo 6BEs. He had previously worked on Focal Twin 6BE‘s at other studios, so he appreciated the Twin 6’s
increased SPL and slightly increased definition of low frequencies. The Twin 6s
are now a permanent fixture within his studio. We also recommended the SPL MTC2381 as an upgrade to his original Mackie Big Knob.

filmed the installation process as part of his excellent blog ‘On My Mind’:

Luke McDermott

Luke McDrmott Disciples Studio Installation

commenced converting his outhouse into a studio around the same time that we
were completing fellow Disciples member Nathan’s studio installation. 

Eccleston, Technical Manager at Kazbar Systems, carried out an initial site
visit, then produced a studio design. The design included internal
modifications to the outhouse plus an acoustic specification consisting of
Acoustic Panels, Ceiling Clouds, Mid and Low Frequency Absorber Panels.
These were all designed, tuned and constructed by our team as part of our
design and installation package for Luke.

Once the studio was constructed, Luke received delivery of his studio furniture choice; the Zaor MIZA 61 in Grey Oak Finish.

equipment specification also includes a pair of Focal Twin 6BE Active Studio Monitor Speakers and Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Audio Interface.

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