DACS HEADLITE 3 Headphone Amp

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DACS have made some significant changes in upgrading to their Clarity HEADLITE 3, creating a new look and adding features, while retaining the HEADLITE’s renowned sound quality and flexibility in use.

The most obvious change is the new look incorporating DACS custom made knobs and a minimalist graphic design.

The other important addition to the HEADLITE 3 is metering for the inputs. This shows the levels for each of the 4 input busses that feed the amplifiers, and gives users sure knowledge that the inputs are live, and allows them to adjust the input feed for optimum levels going to the amplifiers.

The HEADLITE 3 comes fully balanced using THAT Ingenius® balanced input devices that provide very low noise and distortion along with transformer like stability and pick up rejection, coupled with a sensibly broad frequency response (flat from 5Hz to 40kHz). This ensures the superbly tight bottom end and open airy top, along with detail and clarity in the mids; the realistic and precise sound for which DACS’ HEADLITE has become renowned over the years.

The really good news for users is that all this does not result in a price increase!

Douglas Doherty, Director of DACS, says: “The HEADLITE 3 is a world class audio tool that will give trouble free service for many years to come. Users of DACS products have told us that we make some of the best audio equipment in the world; we have crystallized years of experience into a range of elegantly simple high performance units, all of which are hand- made.

Our aim with the Clarity HEADLITE 3 is to enable artists and engineers to make their music with monitoring that makes it easy, and really reflects the music they’re recording, through the sonic detail and clarity of what they hear. 

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DACS HEADLITE 3 Headphone Amp

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