Andy Gray

“The best speaker in the world just got louder!”

Unity Audio’s first B.A.B.E installation is to Isle Of Wight based composer, producer, remixer Andy Gray. Andy, a long time Unity Audio monitor fan has recently added the new Unity Audio B.A.B.E ( Boulder Active Bass Extender ) to his existing Boulder MKII 3 way monitors, transforming them into a 4 way fully active main monitoring system.

The 4-way system extends SPL and frequency response for larger tracking, mixing and mastering applications.
The expandable modular designed system allows for a number of different options for mounting; soffit wall mount, free-standing, tower configurations, and the system can be mounted horizontally or vertically. An optional free-standing plinth/spacer is also available for tower configurations. 

The System

The system comprises two bass extension cabinets with their own rack mountable 750 watt class D amplifiers and DSP based speaker-management. All housed in separate rack mountable units that control all the audio routing, gain, cross-over management, optional EQ and Limiting.configured the way you want it, with

Sealed Cabinet

The B.A.B.E. retains the same sealed cabinet approach used throughout the Unity Audio range. This design approach provides faster, tighter and more accurate linear bass reproduction and results in less phase rotation, reduced time domain ringing, lower group delay and a shallower roll-off slope than inferior ported designs. These characteristics make The B.A.B.E. a natural choice for all critical music applications.

Unity Audio BB-DSP Processor

With 4 balanced analogue inputs and 8 outputs with full matrix mixing capabilities, the Unity Audio BB-DSP gives the flexibility you need to control 2x B.A.B.E cabinets and Boulders, or even 4x B.A.B.E’s and Boulders for larger systems, or a L,C,R B.A.B.E/ Boulder for surround configurations. Compressors are available on every input as well as a high pass filter, 6 bands of parametric EQ and up to 1.3 seconds of delay. The BB-DSP comes with a factory configured preset with the correct 167Hz Linkwitz Riley 24 dB per octave crossover, ganged outputs 1 & 2 feed the B.A.B.E’s, with ganged outputs 3 & 4 feeding the Boulders. A second preset is also provided effectively acting as a B.A.B.E bypass if required to use the Boulders by themselves with their original full frequency response. Every output channel has high and low pass filters, 8 bands of parametric EQ, up to 1.3 seconds of delay as well as a new limiter designed to offer the best driver protection with the lowest distortion. The BB-DSP runs at 96kHz as standard but can be switched into 48kHz mode to take advantage of 48dB/oct output crossover filters and two bands of dynamic EQ on both input and output channels. The ethernet based PC control software gives you the ability to not only control all the devices on a network but also to store preset memories and configure systems offline.


The B.A.B.E. uses an innovative 12”/300mm woofer designed exclusively for sub and low frequencies. The driver employs a huge 130mm Hexatech external voice coil wound with a hexagonal-shaped aluminum coil wire (2-3 times thicker than standard woofers) for accurate music reproduction, superior durability and power handling. This driver delivers an extraordinary combination of audiophile musicality and high power handling.The B.A.B.E. adds a flexible modular approach enabling a fully 4-way system Andy also added the new Super Rocks for the rear surround channels. Andy had this to say about our new 2 way addition.

The Super Rocks massive low end is too good for just a rear set of speakers, but I need something that can keep up with the BABE Boulder Combo” It simply is a Super Rock.! 

Andy’s is currently working on the music score for a brand new Hollywood TV series due to air in April called’Hunters’

A few of Andy’s long list of music & film credits include, Channel 4 ‘Big Brother’ theme tune, Swordfish, Bourne Identity, Blade II, Fluke, Gary Numan, Enter Shikira, Dave Matthews Band, Korn, Tori Amos.