Client Requirement: To specify and install a sound system which offered equal sound dispersion across an open plan office.


Sony Music Entertainment required a new sound system for all staff working in their new, Kensington open plan office. The system needed to be accessible to all but also provide equal sound dispersion due to the wide area of the office. This in not just important for sound quality but also so everyone hears an equal sound level.

Sony Music Entertainment worked with Kazbar Systems on considering the various options and opted for the Bose Freespace 5.1 system. This is because of the discreet design of the wall mounted speakers in quite a minimal office setting plus how simple it is to mount the speakers off walls, pillars and in corners in close proximity to populated areas.

We were also commissioned with the audio cable installation.

A&R Offices

Sony Music Entertainment required new speakers which encompassed the latest developments in speaker technology. Sony chose two specific manufacturers to trial in three A&R offices.

Two managers chose Adam S3XH Active Speakers after we organized speaker tests and one chose Focal Twin 6BE’s. We also supplied a pair of Focal Twin 6BE for the RCA boardroom.