SSL 500 Series Modules available from Kazbar Systems

SSL have released their classic Dynamics Modules for the Lunchbox 500 Series, This is long overdue, having championed their hugely successful X-Series Modules but have now released the 611 E-Series EQ, the 611 Dynamics and the G COMP G-Series Compressor.

All faithful reproductions of the Classic Consoles, SSL have long set the standard in music production with the sound of their Dynamics processing and these additions bring flexibility too.

SSL G Comp 500 Series Buss Compressor available from Kazbar Systems

SSL G COMP G Series Stereo Bus Compressor, the centre Bus Compressor from the classic 80’s G Series Mixing Console, simply makes your sound bigger and better with more power, punch and drive.

A key element of the SSL sound and a feature of countless recordings

SSL 611 500 Series Dynamics Module available from Kazbar Systems

The SSL 611 Dynamics module reproduces the sonic quality of the 80’s 4000 E Series Mixing Console. The E Series Dynamics Module is a Compressor/Limiter and a Expander/Gate, reproduced into the Lunchbox format.

SSL 611EQ 500 Series Module available from Kazbar Systems

The SSL 611EQ E Series EQ reproduces one of the most popular EQ’s of modern music production, from the 80’s 4000 E Series Console.

Featuring two different EQ’s found on editions of the console manufactured between 1981 & 1989. Each EQ has it’s tone and character. On the E Series Module, you can switch between these modes of EQ.

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