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Client Requirement:

Kazbar Systems Commercial Audio specified and installed a 4-Zone Multi Audio & Video system for The Champs Sports Bar & Restaurant.


Champs Sports Bar and Restaurant

Champs Sports Bar and Restaurant Ilford contacted us early in the planning stages of the bar to advise on an integral solution for their audio and video requirements.
Being a themed sports bar, there was a need for an exciting atmosphere, excellent sound dispersion and zone isolation where the bar could be divided amongst
four zones should there be a requirement for multiple sports events within the bar at the same time.

The specifications divided into four zones included:
12 x Samsung HD Displays (various sizes)
12 x Electrovoice Evid 6.2 Speakers
4 x Exlectrovoice ZLX 12P Active Speakers


Champs Bar Banner with three photos


Initially, the requirement was for a network setup with the TV Displays synced to the background audio system, but upon further discussion, we recommended a more integrated solution working with a software-based iPad control app.
This simplifies the control from a user aspect and allows for direct, visual access to each zone to quickly choose the video source.
All the Displays are connected via Ethernet to the central hub providing the best HD Display quality. Ethernet based systems are a better option than HDMI when running over long distances.
Jat (Champs Bar Ilford Owner) had past experience with Electrovoice Evid Speakers which offer great sound performance in addition to an exciting aesthetic design.
Jat also wished to use parts of the bar area for evening entertainment including DJ’s. For this we placed Electrovoice ZLX 12P Active speakers in key areas within this zone for louder performance.


The Champ Sports Bar AV stairwell solution


During the installation there were challenges to overcome due to the location of some of the TV displays and speakers.
The most difficult of these was the TV over the stairwell which also required two of the Evid speakers either side of the TV for sound dispersion for that area.
To summarise, Champs Ilford is divided into four TV & Audio zones with each zone having access to three video sources. Over each TV is a an Electrovoice Evid speaker providing focused sound for the clientele.


Photos of The Champs Bar façade


Kazbar Systems Commercial Audio worked under contract with Punch Taverns Group to deliver the best audio and video experience for this exciting new bar in the heart of Ilford.