Kahayan Solid 4000 Mixbuss Processor

Kahayan – The solution. After working with large scale consoles for many years as a long term resident at the world famous Olympic Studios, when building the cutting edge and award winning Decoy Studios, Cenzo Townshend (Sheridan Smith, Editors, The Maccabees, Jamie T) decided to create a new mixing solution. The new solution was based around the best outboard taking into account workflow and mix recalls. The finishing touch to his new setup was the last piece of the jigsaw, the sound of the mixbuss from his favourite mixing console.

The Kahayan Solid 4000 Mixbuss Processor is the sound of a classic mixbuss without the large frame console in your studio.
The Solid 4000 Mix Buss is a stereo processor that glues together and brings life to a mix. Based on the classic British consoles, it has the same bus circuit that the Solid 4k–500 series of the Epsilon 32–500 summing mixer. Very simple to use.
The Solid 4000 Mix Buss is designed to be used mostly as an insert on the mix bus, but can also be used to enhance instrument group busses. We suggest to insert it before you start mixing and then mix through it. This helps you tailor the mix  and get the best sound.

Available in 500 Series and now 19″ Rackmount

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